MINI asked us to get the working people of Holland to make a test drive during office hours. Holland is one of the world’s leading nations in consuming coffee. Basically, coffee is the fuel every Dutch office runs on.


We created a unique driving experience and named it ‘How Do You Drive Your Coffee?’ We linked people’s driving skills to different kinds of coffee flavors.

By installing a special chip in the MINI, we were able to analyze each driver’s style. We measured things like speed, acceleration, handling, efficiency and more. After the test drive the data was extracted from the chip and sent to a coffee bar via a laptop. Afterwards, it would produce the perfect blend that matched their driving style.

How did it work?

We installed a special computer chip in the MINI, which analyzed each individual’s driving style.

During the test drive the chip analyzed the driving style by measuring different parameters like average speed, acceleration, handling efficiency, etc.

After the test drive the data was extracted from the MINI and was sent to the coffee bar. Afterwards, it would produce the perfect blend that best matched each individual’s driving style.

The Schumachers would get a strong Ristretto and Grannies would get a mild Lungo.

Demo video

To create awareness, we released a demo video that we sent to renowned companies in Holland, such as Philips, ABN Amro, Heineken, Discovery Channel and more.


After releasing the demo video online, the MINI Coffee bar was fully booked within two weeks. We visited 50 companies and 748 people took a test drive.
Afterwards, they could check their coffee profile online. Which uncovered some interesting facts:

Financials are the most fuel efficient, IT companies drive like true Schumachers, followed closely by the Media companies. Consultants drive like a Strong Ristretto and retailers love to accelerate whenever they can.

Over 3000 cups of coffee were served, 6106 km were driven and all this resulted in 780 leads.