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eBay launched a Christmas campaign beckoning Australians to ‘Join the Gift’d’. ‘The Gift’d’ were different shopper experts with extraordinary gifting powers that they used to help Aussies pick the perfect Christmas gifts. They introduced different shopper archetypes like The Don of Deep and Meaningful, The Lorde of Latest & Greatest, The Master of More for Less, The Princess of Perfect Gifts and The Sultan of Summer Christmas. Each personality encouraged Australians of all gifting skills to take their rightful place alongside the Gift’d crew.

eBay asked us to amplify the campaign and ask us to create more engagement on social media.


Ted, the world’s most Gift’d Guinea Pig.

We built on the 5 existing shopper archetypes and introduced a sixth character that was extra special, as he could possess multiple gifting skills. His name was Ted, and he was an ordinary, long-haired guinea pig with extraordinary gifting skills. To find out how truly Gift’d he was, we put Ted to the test on Facebook Live for an entire week to find out if he was indeed the most gifted shopper of them all.

Meet Ted

How did it work?

Every day we filmed Ted on Facebook Live in a custom-made ‘trend room’ that featured two different eBay products. One was the hero product for the archetype, the other was a random Christmas gift. Ted was put to the test to see if he could choose the right gift aligned with the archetype. If he did, he would possess the powers of the archetype (eg. He was the Sultan of Summer Xmas).

During the Facebook live session, a live commentator reported on the spot and engaged the viewers who were tuning in. They could comment, ask questions and show their love for Ted… and of course, discover their own gifting powers.

Facebook Live compilation

To bring Ted to life we used Facebook live, a new format that allows brands to broadcast in real time. We partnered with FB to be one of the first 3 advertisers in Australia to promote the live during the session. This beta product allowed us to reach people instantly vs. other brands only being able to use paid money after the broadcast ended.


4,040,250 People Reached

2.375,761 Video Views

63,305 links clicks

8,793 Engagements

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