I believe a brand should always focus on delivering a good product, service and experience.

I believe that strong human insights create the best strategy, ideas and campaigns for brands.

I believe in sharing ideas and growing them together: ‘You shouldn’t be afraid to put ideas on the table, while staying open to constructive feedback.’

I believe that finding a unique voice for a brand can make a big difference to be heard.

I believe in honest, transparent and relevant communication.

I believe in user-friendly interactions between consumers and brands.

I believe in technology, especially when it brings an idea to life or when it creates a human connection between user and interface.

I believe today’s content = currency.

I believe in original and compelling content that can live in both the traditional and digital world, creating the possibility that a consumer can respond and/or interact with.

I believe in social media because it is a new channel for brands to interact with consumers. It also forces a brand to have a transparent policy.

I believe that Art Direction and the right execution makes or kills an idea. It is as important as having an idea to begin with.

I believe the work that an Ad Agency produces is the reflection of the people who are working there. I’m a supporter of cultural diversity, because it brings new flavours and views on subjects and matters.

I still believe in advertising, because when it’s done right, it still has the power to push brands forward and make people’s lives a lot easier. It has the power to either make people smile or cry. But most importantly, it forces people to think for themselves.

Thank you for your time.